2018 is exciting! Not only because the trends are so versatile, but suit all ages. If we assess the runway looks we’ve seen and try to define them in as few words as possible, TEXTURE, LOOSE, PRETTY, CASUAL AND BEACH WAVES would definitely be the words we choose. We repeat BEACH WAVES as that is something you will be hearing a lot about!

Fashion magazines like Allure, Vogue, and Glamour are heavy with photos of varying lengths with no clear preference for short or long, but all with an eye to TEXTURE. It is the reigning trend this year and is displayed in a myriad of styles.

Long, intricately braided or twisted hair, either in a low pony or loosely tucked in bun was a common sight on the runways this spring. Deep, side parts, (think Old Hollywood) with barely visible waves in lengths from chin length classic bobs to long and flowing as well as peek-a-boo braids peeping out from loose, soft Beach Waves, (we told you that you would hear those words again!) were all a common thread on the runways.

Also, Bangs! Long and wavy, just fringing the brow is making a bold return.

If you have short hair, no worries, as the textured look works for you as well. Long pixie cuts are high fashion and in high demand for 2018.

Like the hair accessories of the 80’s and 90’s? Well be happy because they are back! Updated ribbons, (chiffon and velvet are popular) faux and real jewels, and the silk scarf makes a comeback with the long “rich girl pony.” The pony being completely wrapped in a scarf makes for a sophisticated yet whimsical effect that is perfect for your workday.

So we want WAVES and we want them LOOSE, but we also are not prepared to parade around in what amounts to a bad case of bed head. How we avoid this is by getting the right textured haircut and by reigning in and locking that hair with the right products.